ACME Corporation

Accelerating Success. Together.

The Challenge

 ACME’s business model relies on constant innovation and now every ACME employee has the ability to provide breakthrough ideas that can propel our success and be rewarded along the way.

It’s simple.  We’ll provide some initial business challenges and opportunities and you help vote on and provide ideas that can help solve them.  You can suggest new ones too. At the end of the quarter, we’ll reward participation and the quality of your ideas. 

Your ideas can change the trajectory of our success and your career!  So let’s do this!

Prioritize. Solve. Activate.

It's time. The world needs you. Your ideas, your courage and your action. Change can begin with YOU.

Ready to change ACME’s trajectory of success?  

Let's go!

Let’s Drive Success and Innovation. Together.

The opportunity to innovate together is everywhere: new employee incentives, new products or service lines, even how we do things better, faster, cheaper.  Welcome to ACME’s collective innovation initiative.  Your ideas matter!

Thank you in advance for your participation!   ACME’s leadership and fellow employees thank you.   

We need your help to drive ACME’s success. Join this effort today!

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